Sheep yard fence panel

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Horse yard fence panel

Sheep yard fence panel 

No matter the size of the sheep or the size of the flock,HONGRUI sheep panels will do it with easy. With heights of 1.0-1.1meter and 6 rails it makesany sheep yard look very impressive.Adjustable top rail panels also are avavailable.

Livestock Panels/Yards Panels/sheep panels Fence Factory Features:

 Rails welded ont all four sides.

 Lugs welded ont all four sides.

 Weather caps welded to top of posts

 Footplates welded to bottom of posts

 Manfactured from quality pre-galvanized steel.

 All supplied with HD galvanized drop pins.

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Advantage of cattle panels:

1.Farm fence can stand against fierce striking of cattle, Horse or goats, Sheep

2.Durable, Lifetime can reach to twenty years. Easy maintenance

3. Farm fence is light, Easy to transport and install, Ventilates diaphanous

4. Knotted wire mesh offers high strength and tensile strength

5.Good pressure resistance, Corrosion resistance and weather resistance


  • 1  What is your min order qantity?
  • Normally our min order quanitity is 5 tons if the needed size is what we are produce then there any quantity is acceptable. But for specially size and materials, the min order quantity is 100-200 tons.
  • 2  What is the packing of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • Normally the fence post was packed with iron pallet and about 400pcs per pallet.
  • 3  What is the materials of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The standard and porpular material of the fence post for farm fencing is hot rolled steel but other materials also can be done as requested.
  • 4  What is the surface treatment of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The most porpular treatment is bituminous painted then the fence post also can be electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
  • 5  What is the loading quantity per 20' container?
  • Normally can load 25 tons per 20' container.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.