T studded post

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 T studded post

 T studded post

 T studded post

 T studded post

 T studded post

 T studded post

T studded post

This t studded post most porpular in America and Canada. It is made of steel such as the hot-rolled steel, Q195 and Q235 low carbon steel and are sometimes manufactured using durable rail steel. The t studded post can be used to support various types of wire and wire mesh, normally used for farm fencing install, for example the barbed wire, field fence and farm fencing, etc.

1  Material

·Hot-rolled steel

·Q195, Q235 low carbon steel

·Durable rail steel

2   Weight

·Light type: 0.95pound/foot=1.43kgs/m

·Heavy type: 1.25 pound/foot=1.86kgs/m

·Super heavy type: 1.33pound/foot=1.98kgs/m

3  Length

·Can be done as customer’s need, such as 1.5m, 1.65m, 1.8m etc.

·Usually the post should be 50cm longer than the field fence to ensure the stability of the posts.

4  Surface Treatment---Including other type posts

·Electro galvanized

·Hot dip galvanized

·Bituminous painted(Black/Red/Green,etc)

·PVC Coated

5  Holes on the Post

·Use with field fence: Depend on the number of the horizontal/line wires.

·Use independently: Up to customers' needs.

·Holes on the plate can be 2 or 3 .

6  Installation

·It is very eazy to install the t studded post.

·As experienced suppliers, we suggested that it is better to use one post per 3-5m fence.

7  Application

·Can be used separately or together with barbed wire and high joint field fence.

1.T Post is also called studded t post,steel t post,etc.It is made of rail steel and carbon steel, which is used toconstruction,ranch and garden.

2.The post works as accessory, often used with cattle fence or field fence. It can stably support the fence

3. Materials: high quality Q235 steel rail 

4. Corrosion form: painted, non-painted, hot-dipped galvanized

5. Usual weight: 0.95lb/ft, 1.25lb/ft, 1.33lb/ft

6. Length: 5ft, 5.5ft, 6ft, 6.5ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10', etc.

7. Packing: 5pcs/bundle, 40 bundles/big piece, 500pcs/big piece


  • 1  What is your min order qantity?
  • Normally our min order quanitity is 5 tons if the needed size is what we are produce then there any quantity is acceptable. But for specially size and materials, the min order quantity is 100-200 tons.
  • 2  What is the packing of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • Normally the fence post was packed with iron pallet and about 400pcs per pallet.
  • 3  What is the materials of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The standard and porpular material of the fence post for farm fencing is hot rolled steel but other materials also can be done as requested.
  • 4  What is the surface treatment of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The most porpular treatment is bituminous painted then the fence post also can be electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
  • 5  What is the loading quantity per 20' container?
  • Normally can load 25 tons per 20' container.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.