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field fence& wire mesh fencing

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The texture and characteristics of the kraal network.

Kraal network material: galvanized wire high strength stainless steel wire mesh length width can be according to customer,requirements (cm) 14-15-13-11-10-8-6 (by) (cm) 15-18-20-40-50 to 60-65 (weft) ...
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To teach you the right choice of field fence (grassland net) products.

Although field fence this kind of chain link fence products, not a new product, but there is a part of the new product is not quite understand, just ask an expert to introduce below, facilitate everyb...
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What is cattle barbed wire?

It is also known as the grassland network, the wire breeding fence, the cattle net, the horse breeding net, the sheep net, the deer net, the livestock net, the breeding net and so on. It is a protecti...
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What is the net that raises deer bed wire?

What is the net that raises deer bed wire? The barbed wire fence is a relatively general concept, and it can be used as a network of nets on the grassland and on the grassland. Fence is applied in mor...
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What kind of field fence is suitable for a horse?

​A lot of customers ask us, I want to raise a horse, which kind of breeding net is suitable? I will be very patient and aquaculture customers recommend, in fact, the purpose of the customer is very si...
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How to find the powerful field fence manufacturer?

As we all know, no matter what kind of products we buy, the quality of products is the first. That is, the manufacturer is particularly important. Let alone the field fence that concerns our property....
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