To teach you the right choice of field fence (grassland net) products.

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Although field fence this kind of chain link fence products, not a new product, but there is a part of the new product is not quite understand, just ask an expert to introduce below, facilitate everybody right choice field fence (grassland net) the height of a field fence: scope is very big, can be 0.8-2.5 meters between, if is a large u captive animals, such as cattle, sheep and horses and other animals will choose a slightly higher two field fence hole: scope is big, can be between 5 to 60 cm, small animals or large animals cubs, choice of the three hole through a little bit small field fence silk by: can be between 1.8 3.0 mm, basically be to see the size of farmed animals power if large and medium-sized animals, power is larger, the choice of the wire by comparing four field fence coarse surface treatment: general surface treatment can be divided into hot dipped galvanized and electric galvanized, if it is warm and humid south area, generally choose galvanizing believe you know these, whether to choose field fence have a certain understanding


  • 1  What is your min order qantity?
  • Normally our min order quanitity is 5 tons if the needed size is what we are produce then there any quantity is acceptable. But for specially size and materials, the min order quantity is 100-200 tons.
  • 2  What is the packing of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • Normally the fence post was packed with iron pallet and about 400pcs per pallet.
  • 3  What is the materials of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The standard and porpular material of the fence post for farm fencing is hot rolled steel but other materials also can be done as requested.
  • 4  What is the surface treatment of the paiting rinsed fence post for farm fencing?
  • The most porpular treatment is bituminous painted then the fence post also can be electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
  • 5  What is the loading quantity per 20' container?
  • Normally can load 25 tons per 20' container.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.